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rd with extended hands. "This is an unexpected pleasure, Maria," he said. "But what is wrong? Louis is all right, I suppose?" "Louis is dead!" the woman said in the


same cold, strained voice. "He has been foully murdered. I could not say more if I spoke for an hour. Louis is dead!" The speaker repeated the

last three words over and over again as if

she were trying to realise the dread significance of her own message

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as if the atmosphe

. Ravenspur stood there with his hand to his head, shocked and griev

re of the place st

ed almost beyond the power of speech. "This is terrible," he murmur

ifled her. Her face

ed at length. "My dear Maria, I cannot find words to express my sympathy

might have

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. Could you tell me how it happened? But perhaps I am asking too much." "No," Mrs. Delahay replied, still speaking with the utmost calmne

21May, 2012

ss; "I am ready to answer any question you like to put to me. I am absolutely dazed and stunned. As yet I can realise nothing. But, perhaps, befor

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